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Prompt Fuel Delivery of Heating Oil in Litchfield, OH



Don't let the frigid temperatures prevent you from keeping comfortable. Instead, turn to Bauman Oil in Litchfield, Ohio, for fuel delivery services. We'll provide you with the heating oil you need to keep your home or office warm all winter long. For your convenience, deliveries are available to farmers, residential customers, and commercial customers.

Tis the Season

Whether you need heating oil to keep your furnace running as the winter temperatures drop or need lead-free fuel for your lawnmower, don't worry. Our reliable fuel distributor offers seasonal fuel delivery services to get you the fuel or oil you need. In fact, we haul and deliver oil in the winter season, and haul AG™ fuel for farming purposes during the spring and fall seasons.
Lawn Mower - Diesel Fuel in Litchfield, OH

The Best Products

  • Marathon Petroleum™ Products
  • Shell™ Oil
  • Purus™ Oil
  • Service Pro™ Oil
  • Pennzoil™ Oil & Other Major Brands

Fuel Available

  • Home Heating Oil - For Heating Furnaces
  • Off-Road Diesel Fuel - For Tractors, Construction, & Farming Equipment
  • On-Road Diesel Fuel - For Semi Trucks & New Trucks Running on Diesel Fuel
  • Lead-Free Fuel - For Lawnmowers & Cars
  • K1 Fuel - For Kerosene Heaters
    • Industrial Oil
    • Motor Oil
Family feet in socks resting next to the burning fireplace - Home Heating Oil in Litchfield, OH
  • 40 Years Experience
  • Hazmat Certified Professionals
  • Minimum of 100 Gallons for Delivery with No Upcharge or Delivery Charge