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Home Heating Oil & More in Litchfield, OH



Landmark: Bauman Oil is conveniently Located next Door to Subway™ on the Circle in Litchfield, Ohio

Visit our fuel distributor at our location in Litchfield, Ohio, to schedule your delivery.

Fuel Available

  • Home Heating Oil - For Heating Furnaces
  • Off-Road Diesel Fuel - For Tractors, Construction, & Farming Equipment
  • On-Road Diesel Fuel - For Semi trucks & New Trucks Running on Diesel Fuel
  • Lead-Free Fuel - For Lawnmowers & Cars
  • K1 Fuel - For Kerosene Heaters
    • Industrial Oil
    • Motor Oil
  • 40 Years Experience
  • Hazmat Certified Professionals
  • Minimum of 100 Gallons for Delivery with No Upcharge or Delivery Charge